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Romax Construction

Romax Construction was founded almost two decades ago in Montclair, NJ. Since our foundation, we have delivered quality in every undertaken remodeling project.

We promise you that your investment will be worthy it. We promise you that your house or property will be more functional, attractive, comfy, and more valuable after we complete our job.

Our professional team is proficient in building and remodeling all types of residential and commercial rooms.

They possess the latest tools and know about many remodeling, painting, replacement, and construction techniques. Thus, it does not matter the scope of your project and all your high expectations, we will do our best to meet your needs and wants.

Here at Romax Construction, we have a business culture that rests upon the values of respect, responsiveness, honesty, kindness, and knowledge.

Thus, with these moral codes, we make sure to always keep our clients happy.

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